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by Walking Wounded

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Hey, wake up! Walking Wounded is back for round two.


It's time for a new chapter

Multi split, no low levels
Reconstruction, more destruction
Patron on the side with the tool kit, you could use it
Could be everything you need
The flame burns away a train
Write another act, or you go insane
Could be your passion, could be you're vain
I think it's late thirties rockin' no chains
Who's saying what? Shut the fuck up
WW two, lay it in the cut, that's what's up
It's where the paint belongs
I've been tryna leave it there that's why it takes so long
A lotta you get it in, but take it away
I'm tryna give it to em now like I got it today
Do you remember the sun, no hue almost gray?
We were throwing rocks up like we were mockingjay
Just give me the idea and I'll write this new bit
Anime, comic book, motion picture
You won't even need kush or a dose of liquor
Feelin this shit like it's supposed to hit ya
Woke up, grown up, more realistic
The craft does not have to be the pot to piss in
Got a few skills, could probly be of assistance
Who's flying out who? Now we're in business
Wrote it like a recipe, 5 of 'em chopped up
Dash of the last stuff
Western cookout meets modern cuisine
Head nodding machine
Flat bum, but your boy handsome and lean
Couple joints, slip out the handcuffs
Double sided Sichi stamps on the fan bus
This is all heard as completely random
Or by some as a triple-entendre tantrum.

Stuck on video, phones are handguns
I wanna get shot all day for damn fun
Run up the footage, only what you look good in
I see narcissists who are good looking
Stuck on video, phones are handguns
You wanna get shot all day for damn fun
Run up the footage
Run up the footage
Run up the footage
Run up the footage, like

Cock-a-doodle doo, dude, it's morning
A rooster, couldn't even get this loofer
Up and at 'em, sat up slowly, back scratchin'
He's afternoon laughin' , like it's 6:30AM somewhere
And if I could be anywhere, it's poolside in my sunwear
Writing for someone who got invited
Or a new pilot, I think they bout to light it
I am a character building machine
Oh they want a new one? Donnie enters scene
And Donnie's real good with gadgets
And Donnie'll make use of your shit, it's magic
Loose tobacco strands with crumbled trees
In and out the frame like a tumbleweed
Just a banger, off a lit cherry
When your flame's running out it gets a bit scary
On our hands and knees like "more time please"
Quick get these brains into some hard bodies
No one really dies, just flesh and bones rotting
Less is more you're globe trotting
Look how much you could do in a day
Without all of these primal needs in the way
I got seasonal shades for my anatomy cage
And upgraded life to my battery range
Huh, well that would be strange...

Stuck on video, phones are handguns
I wanna get shot all day for damn fun


released January 6, 2021
Music - Outlaw / Alex Surtees
Lyrics - Man Danger / Dan Major
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Konopka


all rights reserved



Walking Wounded

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